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Beyaz Zambak Laundry

We improved our special washing and dry cleaning techniques under the name of "Laundry Management Systems" and have become an important specialist company.


We achieved significant savings in the usage of energy, chemical products and labor with this special technique, as well as observable improvements of washed textile qualities and their service life.


Nowadays, due to increasing competition conditions in the tourism industry to achieve commercial success the smart savings are available within the business, as well as the balance of supply and demand and pricing


Our company is specialized agency which provides comfortable conditions of hotel enterprises to reduce the high cost of operation due to various reasons, provide advanced washing techniques which provides high quality and long lasting textiles and serve washing machines and textiles have the value or free of charge.


Our compnay is serving with a team formed in its self-structure within the standarts of five-star hotels. Laundry management is just our duty while all these services are given. All the maintenance of machines in the hotel laundry, staff and insurance costs are covered by our company.